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Acoustic Concepts 101

Sound absorption is NOT the same as soundproofing. Sound absorbers help to control sound/noise IN a room. Soundproofing is all about making sure sound doesn’t get OUT of a room. Find out more about our range of soundproofing products here.


So what are absorption products are there? Typically, absorbers come in the form of acoustic panels that can be fixed to walls or ceilings. HOWEASY’s acoustic panels are made from high-quality materials and come in various well-designed form factors with excellent build-quality. As such, compared to common cheaply produced foam panels that often require much DIY work for installation, our panels give you the assurance of an easy, quick installation with effective control of your room’s acoustics.

But why do I even need to control my room’s acoustics? Every room has its own unique acoustic characteristic, and so all rooms have their own resonance which can be detrimental to your listening experience. Improving room acoustics isn’t just for music.


And so, really any environment can require some basic treatment. Choose from our range of absorption products to reduce echoes & increase speech intelligibility in home, corporate spaces and even restaurants.

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