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AQ 1000M Smartfuser

AQ 1000M Smartfuser


Dual purpose capability for effective diffusion and absorption
The AQ1000M Smartfuser’s smartly combines both diffusing and absorption features to remove high frequencies, standing waves, and flutter echoes. This gives you better sound reflection in your space for a more enjoyable listening experience.
One other notable feature of the AQ100M is its accompanying six wooden slats that can be rotated to different angles to get rid of high frequencies in any direction. With 3 or more units of the AQ1000M Smartfuser, you’ll be able to improve the acoustic quality of your space! Use it on home theaters, small audio studios, as well as hi-fi listening rooms.


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  • Specification

    Acoustic Structure:

    Solid wood filled internally with glass fiber wool
    360-degree rotation for wooden slats



    Solid wood or PU Matte Paint
    Please refer to colour variations for more details



    Zero Formaldehyde Emission (E0 Standard)




  • Installation

    Standard anti-resonance aluminium velcro fixing system
    (included accessories)

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