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D64 Solid Wood High Frequency Diffuser Panel

D64 Solid Wood High Frequency Diffuser Panel


The D64 is the first diffuser from Howeasy based on the Quadratic Residue Diffuser (QRD) design and diffuses sound evenly across 430Hz – 861Hz. This brings clarity across the mid-frequency spectrum and is especially useful installed on the ceiling.

With its unique design emulating a chessboard, the panel is aesthetically pleasing and can be customised to fit your interior with the various finishes available.


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  • Specification

    Acoustic Base Material:

    Solid Rubberwood



    PU Matte Paint
    Please refer to colour variations for more details



    E0 Environmental Standard




  • Installation

    Standard anti-resonance aluminium velcro fixing system
    (included accessories)

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