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D80 QRD Diffuser Panel

D80 QRD Diffuser Panel


The D80 may seem like a thin panel that can’t achieve much alone. Don’t let its usefulness fool you however.

Perfect to fill in the small gaps of bare walls, use it alongside Howeasy’s absorbers to create a perfect acoustic space with the optimal reverberation time for whatever your purpose may be.


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  • Specification

    Acoustic Base Material:

    Solid Rubber wood



    PU Matte Paint
    Please refer to colour variations for more details



    E0 Environmental Standard


    Diffusion Range:

    699Hz – 1399Hz (maximum 5548Hz)



    • H1200≤10kg
    • H1800≤15.1kg
  • Installation

    Included accessories of screws and felt pads

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