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EQ250 Ceiling Absorber

EQ250 Ceiling Absorber


Acoustic panels are often heavy and difficult to install on ceilings. Engineered to be lightweight and easy to install with aluminium velcro patches, the EQ250 bolsters sound absorption almost 3-dimensionally with its increased surface exposure.

Now you won’t need worry about getting a carpet to reduce those harsh echoes and you can preserve your interior’s natural finishings!


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  • Specification

    Acoustic Base Material:

    Green fiber acoustic wool



    Soft framing knit



    Mixed density acoustic linen (different colour availability)



    Zero Formaldehyde Emission (E0 Standard)


    Flame Retardation:

    Acoustic Base Material (Grade B); Acoustic Linen (Optional)




  • Installation

    Standard anti-resonance aluminium velcro fixing system
    (included accessories)

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