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F300M Medium Frequency Absorber

F300M Medium Frequency Absorber


Similar to a Helmholtz resonator, the F300M is tuned with the high-density polyether polyol acoustic foam designed in a U-shape.

This results in a  wide ‘Q’ factor over 400Hz, giving it precise sound absorption over the mid-frequency spectrum. Use it to bring clarity to your acoustic space, or even better, with the rest of the DQ series for even more acoustic clarity.


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  • Specification

    Acoustic Base Material:

    Polymer/Polyether Polyol Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam



    E0 Eco-friendly water-based paint



    Zero Formaldehyde Emission (E0 Standard)




  • Installation

    Standard anti-resonance aluminium velcro fixing system
    (included accessories)

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