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Imagine  High Resolution Painting Acoustic Panel

Imagine High Resolution Painting Acoustic Panel


Beautify your space with the Imagine Series Acoustic Panels. Now you can customise art pieces that don’t just look good, but are fully functional acoustic panels made from same material & design as the versatile EQ30T. This is achieved through a 2D ultraviolet spray painting method, which results in high quality prints with excellent air permeability.

These art panels are perfect for homes, places of leisure and even corporate spaces as they can be customised in varying sizes. Contact us here to make your own unique piece!


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  • Specification

    Acoustic Base Material:

    Acoustic composite fiber wool



    Patented sound reflection resistant aluminum profile with anti-oxidization treatment



    Linen double density composite acoustic cloth



    Zero Formaldehyde Emission (E0 Standard)


    Flame Retardation:

    Acoustic Base Material (Grade B); Acoustic Linen (Optional)

  • Installation

    Standard anti-resonance aluminium velcro fixing system
    (included accessories)

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