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(M) Acoustic Silence Booth

(M) Acoustic Silence Booth


Designed for 1-2 people, which is the best place to co-create, brainstorm and have great meetings. The superior sound insulation system ensures no noise can be transmitted from interior and exterior, vice versa. Materials are carefully selected to ensure an effective, sound insulation booth - Where people can bring their full potential and focus deeper on day-to-day tasks, with less interruption. It will make everyday work life more enjoyable.


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  • Specification


    Model: M

    External Size (mm): 1236 x 1500 x 2300

    Internal Size (mm): 1200 x 1340 x 2140


    Additional Specifications:

    Equipped with ventilation system and 4000K LED ceiling light



    Office/Meeting/Smoking/Music Room

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