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N8/D60 QRD Diffuser Panel

N8/D60 QRD Diffuser Panel


Following a similar design format of the D30, the N8/D60 diffuser brings about further variation in a bigger form factor.

Available in a wide array of sizes, the N8/D60 is able to become a wall-spanning structure. This allows you to acoustically enlarge your space, making even small rooms sound much bigger and also ensuring you bring needed acoustic clarity to your ears.


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  • Specification

    Acoustic Base Material:

    Solid Rubber wood



    PU Matte Paint
    Please refer to colour variations for more details



    E0 Environmental Standard


    Diffusion Range:

    491Hz – 983Hz (maximum 2342Hz)



    • H600≤11.5kg
    • H1200≤23.0kg
    • H1800≤29.6kg
    • H2400≤39.4kg
  • Installation

    Included accessories of screws and felt pads

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