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Peak 5Q MLS-3D Low Frequency Diffuser Panel

Peak 5Q MLS-3D Low Frequency Diffuser Panel


The Peak 5Q offers acoustic diffusion across 3 dimensional axes. Where regular QRD diffusers only offer up to 2 axes (vertical & horizontal) of diffusion, the MLS-3D range calculates diffusion based on the MLS theory, allowing for greater diffusion and increasing the psycho-acoustic space, making your room sound more spacious.

Use the Peak 5Q to effectively diffuse frequencies down to 100Hz, while giving your space a unique aesthetic look!


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  • Specification

    Acoustic Base Material:

    Glass-reinforced Plastic



    PU Paint
    Please refer to colour variations for more details



    E0 Environmental Standard


    Diffusion Index:

    0.57/㎡ [>100Hz-<5KHz]




  • Installation

    Included accessories of screws and felt pads

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