Wall Insulation - Mute System 23

Wall Insulation - Mute System 23


MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 is a thin point connected soundproofing system for walls developed and refined over the years by the R&D department of DECIBEL

The main acoustical principle used in the system is mass + spring + mass as in the electromechanical analogy. DECIBEL engineers have created an extra thin and 4 times more effective system, mounted via 5 specially designed anti - vibration DClox™ fastening elements.

What allows DECIBEL to ensures the quality and efficiency of the system is that its soundproofing parameters are simulated using FEM and after that verified with laboratory tests.

MUTE SYSTEM™ 23 is suitable for residential and public premises, industrial buildings.

  • Legend

    1. Wall type
    2. MUTE SYSTEM™ 23
    3. DCstrip™ banding tape
    4. DCvisco™ membrane
    5. DClox™ anti - vibration fastening elements.
    6. DCscrew™
    7. Finishing gypsum board
    8. Air gap

  • Enquire For Pricing

    The Mute System is not a DIY item and requires professional contractors to install. Enquire here now for a quotation! 

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