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Acoustic System For Home Theatre

Products Used


Wooden panels were installed on the wall to not only provide good acoustical treatment but aesthetic as well.


WAVE 600 MLS-Diffusion were installed on the ceiling to provide diffusion and absorption on the ceiling.


EQ Series Absorbers were implemented to install on parts of the wall.


This project had many factors of consideration. The client wanted to create a space for home entertainment that while comfortable, stood out from the traditional soft & plush furnishings of many "cinema/theatre-like" decor.

Apart from this, the space needed to be acoustically sound while adhering to the client's tastes of something with more wood tones. We decided to recommend going with our "Wooden Grooved Panels" which allow sound to pass through them and being absorbed by acoustic insulation behind it. With these wooden panels, we were able to achieve a space with an overall reverberation time of 0.3 secs while ensuring it did not also feel too "dead" pyschoacoustically.

As a 7.1.4 speaker system had been planned as the main speaker entertainment system, we strived to ensure that wall reflections would not simply reflected without thought. While the "Wooden Grooved Panels" were able to scatter sound effectively across the horizontal plane on the walls, we used the "WAVE 600" acoustic panels to effectively absorb mid-frequencies while scattering higher frequencies to achieve better localisation of sound.

Finally, to ensure a dynamic use of materials in the space, we still employed our standard fabric "EQ Series" acoustic panel to absorb some reflections from the back wall to allow our clients to hear the main L-C-R speakers clearly. 

The end result created a space that allowed for a high fidelity not just from the quality of sound the expensive speakers used in this room but acoustically as well while retaining the value of comfort at home too.

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