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Howeasy Acoustic Systems

We offer simple & quick acoustic solutions for your living environments. Professionally designed, explore our range of high quality acoustic treatments that are sure to improve what your ears have to hear everyday.

Acoustic Consulting Service

We provide knowledge & expertise in creating a space that acoustically suits your needs & requirements.

Acoustic Design/Treatment

We deliver acoustic products that have an appealing visual aesthetic & contribute to the interior's design. Our specialists use 3D modeling software for visual representation.

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Sound Absorption ≠ Soundproof

Sound absorption is NOT the same as soundproofing. Sound absorbers help to control sound/noise IN a room. Soundproofing is all about making sure sound doesn’t get OUT of a room. Find out more about our range of soundproofing products with us.


Sound waves can transfer through air & solid structures. Most products only work against airborne sound propagation. You need to use our sound damping technology effective against impact vibrational noise to get the best experience & results.

Music Studio

Acoustic Panels

Every room has its own unique acoustic characteristic which can be detrimental to your listening experience. Improving room acoustics serves a variety of purposes from facilitating clarity of speech in a meeting to making music sound better.

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Home Theater
Music Studio
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